Christopher is an occupational therapist in Savannah and is a very active below knee amputee. After a car wreck took his left leg below the knee, he spent 5 months in recovery physical therapy and then went straight to work. Now, 35 years later, he's a 59 year old male that is employed full time as an Occupational Therapist and continues to be very active. Some of the activities he enjoys the most besides enjoying life itself, are skiing, hiking and biking.

“I don’t let it slow me down.  I truly believe that a handicap is more a state of perception than what it is. I lost my leg 35 yrs ago and now I put on my leg like it is my shoe, to me it’s like…ok let’s go…”


Ralph is a 62 year old Vietnam Veteran, that had half of his left foot blown off by shrapnel. He suffered for 23 years with severe pain and ankle instability. He tried to use numerous foot braces to help him walk better and to alleviate the pain to no avail. He worked as an Orthopedic Surgical Assistant after his medical retirement from the Army in 1972. "In January of 1997, I opted to proceed with the voluntary below-knee amputation because I was tired dealing with a problem foot due to the injuries that I suffered in Vietnam. I suffered for over 29 years with that damaged partial foot. Walking was a very painful and difficult experience for me. All of my activities were severely limited." 

"I began my new life after surgery with the Immediate Post-Operative Prosthesis that was applied and fitted by David Puckett, LPO. Three days later I began walking pain free for the first time. Since the amputation, my activity level has significantly increased! I only wish that I had chosen to have the surgery 10 years before. I am fully retired now and enjoy offshore and inshore fishing, yard work, gardening, hiking, camping and getting crazy with my grandson. My pet dogs enjoy me taking them throughout the neighborhood also. I really thank David Puckett, LPO and the Positive Image staff for helping me get back my life!" 

Ralph not only participated in our past annual 2K Walk, Roll, Run Amputee Marathon, he worked it! He was a real work horse. Now that he is retired, he finds himself often times working harder than when he was "working" for a living. Ralph continues as a very successful and active prosthetic user, and still an active fisherman and hunter. Ralph now works on a voluntary basis with Positive Image as an Amputee Liason. He talks with new amputees about what to expect and how life is a successful prosthetic user.


Henry is a 72 year old active man. He is an insulin dependent diabetic and in 2010 became a double below-the-knee amputee secondary to foot ulcerations. He suffered for years with chronic ulcers on his feet which were recurring and eventually led to the bilateral amputations.  He lost his left leg below the knee 1 year ago and is wearing his temporary BK prosthesis on this side. Then he lost his right leg below the knee 1 ½ years ago and is now wearing his definitive BK prosthesis on this side.

Considering all his past health problems, he has done very well since both of the amputations and has graduated from the wheelchair and walker to using 2 prostheses and walking with no assistive devices. He is now more active than ever, and is living out his potential K3 activity level. He is completely independent, getting outside the house, going to doctor’s appointments and getting around the community. He has not quite reached his goal of driving yet, but is certainly on his way. We are proud of Henry and love seeing his smiling face!

Pastor Gamble

Pastor Gamble is a Pastor of a local church and is very active. He was 71 and 72 years old when he lost both feet to circulatory problems stemming from Diabetic complications. He lost his first foot in May 2001 and lost his second the next year. Each time he was immediately fitted for a prosthesis by the specialists at Positive Image.
He is now 80 years old and has been "walking ever since." 

"It has been a pleasure working with them because they look out after me." Mr. Gamble is proud to tell people that because of the caring treatment and the services he receives from Positive Image, he uses his two Prosthetic legs to get around and does not need a wheelchair or a walker. He is also pleased to be able to drive his car without any special disability controls. Prostheses have enabled him to retain his independence and have allowed him to remain as active as he wants to be. 

Pastor Gamble works on a voluntary basis with Positive Image as an Amputee liaison. He talks with new amputees about what to expect and how life is a successful prosthetic user.

Pastor Gamble claims "The people at Positive Image have been like family to me. You can see how well I'm adjusting."  Mr. Gamble was not only a participant in our past annual 2K Walk, Roll, Run Amputee Marathon, he was always featured as a guest speaker. He is truly an inspirational man. We can all learn a thing or two about life from such an individual.


Betty was 52 when she became a below knee amputee due to complications with her diabetic condition and then after some further complications had to have a revision to the above knee amputation level. She is a successful prosthetic user and is a blessing to all those she comes in contact with. We love seeing her in our office. She brings smiles to all those she meets.


Ron is 45 years old. He lost his left foot and lower leg in 1988 due to a severe motorcycle accident. He also incurred massive head injuries and a hole in his lung. The accident left him hospitalized for three months. He was under intense rehabilitation for another 8 months.
During his recovery, his father told him, "You've got to do something with your life." Ron did. His accident propelled him headlong into a new career path. "Things happen for a reason," he said. "You need to adapt to it and then overcome it. Then you're better off." In January 1989, while still adjusting to his new prosthesis he enrolled in college and went for a double major in Accounting and Marketing Management. After graduation, he continued on to get his Master's degree in 1996. 

Later that year, Ron started up his own concrete company in Savannah. The company has been a tremendous success. He can hardly keep up with the work. "If it were not for David Puckett, LPO and the rest of the Positive Image staff, I don't know where I would be today. They have stuck with me through thick and thin and have gotten me to where I can be as active as I want to be!" 

Ron actively participated with Positive Image in many charity and fund-raising events including the past Annual 2K Walk, Roll, Run Amputee Marathon that was held in Savannah, Georgia.