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Two Legs and a New Lease on Life

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Published: February 22, 2012

It's a story of loss, survival, and hope... 

One man who once had nothing, now has a new lease on life and a new positive attitude with a little help, and some mechanics. "This gave me hope- more hope," smiled Scott Duncan.  Scott Duncan has hope, a positive attitude. What he doesn't have is legs.
"I went through something," said Duncan.  "Something" is an understatement. It started back in 2005 in Pearlington, Mississippi, where he rode out Hurricane Katrina on the roof of a home."Winds blowing the pine trees like they were toothpicks," remembered Scott. "The water rising, rising. And seeing houses floating by, and people."  From there, he came to Savannah, only to have his right leg torn off in a construction accident.   "It shattered my tibia and fibula, blew out an inch and a half of bone," showed Scott.  Left without a job, he was forced to live on the streets.
"Trying to find a place to sleep every night in the cold, in the rain," explained Duncan. "...Avoid the police, look in the dumpsters to eat."
Left out in the cold for 2 years, Mother Nature dealt him the next blow.  "2 weeks of 18 degrees in Savannah. I got frostbite."  Which took his other leg, but not his will to live, or keep going.
walk again, just to walk," said a tearful Scott. "I never thought would come true."   That's where David Puckett, LPO of Positive Image Prosthetics and Orthotics came in, offering to give Scott a new start with a home, food, and a new set of legs.  "We wanted to help him out any way we could, to get him back to more than an existence...an active lifestyle, and a real life," said David Puckett, LPO of Positive Image.

This would be a life and a chance that Scott wasn't going to let pass him by this time.  "I'll never ever get to a third strike," said an emotional Duncan. "I've been so blessed to be given this chance, to be real again, where I can walk, I can dance I can be happy. I can cry with happiness." 
Happiness which he credits Puckett, and his prosthetics company, with helping create.  A message he hopes to deliver with each and every step.  "It can be done," smiled Duncan. "There's help out there. You just never give up. I never did, nor will."  Along with a set of his own prosthetics, Scott now has an apartment and a stipend from the government.  He says he goes to church, walks every day, and has even run to the mailbox a few times.
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